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Dr. Adhi  Two Owls is the New Global Shaman. She works to create, develop and design contemporary tools, ceremonies, products and Art to support the spiritual seeker on their journey.

Dr. Adhi works to create unique custom designs with eco friendly, environmentally conscious materials that are gathered ethically. Her work promotes the sacred with a grounded sense of being aware of its impact on the earth. She uses no plastics, and keeps to traditional methods where ever possible. Dr. Adhi’s sacred rattles, drums, instruments and items have been used in ceremonies, for healing people and the earth for over 25 years.

Dr. Adhi teaches her art and   craft throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond. Her approach to teaching is  down to earth, accessible and empowering.  


“…. it is about moving into relationship with the materials. The wood was a tree, the leather an animal, the fabric a plant or the wool off a sheep. These living components  come together through the creative process to become the extension and cooperative symbiosis that encapsulates beauty and unity in the universe….” Dr. Adhi Two Owls


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She is always creating,  exploring, researching, developing products  that support and enrich the work that she does to help others navigate their journey on the planet. Dr. Adhi is a skilled craftsperson.  Her workshops are containers to explore this knowledge to create and design sacred tools. She has a wealth of information in traditional craft methods that she shares to help others discover their creative spark.

She has built her reputation of the quality and integrity of her products. She offering repair and restoration as well as unique custom/bespoke designs. 




Creating A Global World Through Education and Skill Share

We live in a time of great change and evolutionary potential. Sharing the wisdom of connection, inter-being and unity is part of bringing the circle together for all of us.  We need to develop skills to witness and support each other.  To make our lives sustainable and meaningful. 

Dr. Adhi’s workshops are designed to inspire, awaken and bring you closer to your authentic and empowered self.  Learn how to make something. Learn how to use your mind in relationship with your heart to walk more mindful on the earth.  Learn how to engage in creating a sacred circle with all beings.

Workshops are self contained and you will have a safe  environment to explore your creative ideas. Dr. adhi teaches a wide variety of spiritual and esoteric studies each is designed to encourage curiosity and discovery. To learn more Click here: Events and classes for 2018



What is Global Shamanism? 

I am asked often, “What is Global Shamanism and how can it make a difference in the world?”  The idea comes from my realization that as a person of the earth I am responsible for my actions and interactions with it. The world might be divided into countries and regions yet, the impact of the internet, global economies, climate crisis, resources, agriculture…etc… have made the borders less solid. We are seeing the strain of a new evolution in human migration and community.  How we do anything is a global challenge that requires revolution/evolution into how we navigate the journey of wholeness, unity, sustainability.   As a practicing Shaman, I have looked for ways that utilize the technologies of the day in order to network and create a global model of  Shamanism that honors it it’s diverse heritage. It also needs sincerely embrace ways to  balance to the earth and all her beings, honoring the traditions  and people that have held these traditions, as well as developing new traditions that are not misappropriating or misrepresenting.  It is constantly re-defining itself as technologies, the climate, and the needs of the planet shift and change.  As part of my desire to share this work in a ways that honor it roots and the traditions I have learned, I have begun writing an essay on Shamanism. That I will add to and modifying  as my experience and understand evolve . You can read this essay by following this link: What is Shamanism?