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Dr. Adhi Moonien Two Owls

Adhi works to create, develop and design contemporary tools, ceremonies, products and teachings to support the modern needs of our growing and expanding world.

Adhi’s Vision
I have been blessed on my path to have worked with amazing teachers and mentors. With their guidance over many years I have been able to form an ideology that is expressive, insightful, creative and innovative. My work bridges ancient knowledge, the creative process and contemporary scientific thought and research.

We now live in a time of great changes.  We have entered the time of inclusion and unity. We need look at ways to engage and participate in bringing the world back into balance.  Spirituality is no longer just a means to understand the self. It has moved into the place of action and integration,  building communities that function in tandem with the sustainable development of humanitarian and environmental growth.

Adhi  helps individuals and communities to explore their spiritual path and develop ways to enrich and support their growth through the exploration of traditional and contemporary teachings, arts and sciences.
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You can find Adhi on Facebook. , Twitter , Adhizen Studio shop and  Pinterest … She is always creating,  exploring and researching  and developing products of interest that support and enrich the work that she does to help others navigate their journey on the planet.


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Her new  Blog can be found here: Visions and other Brilliant Insights to Shatter the Dark



On CDBaby you can purchase Adhi’s rattling tracks for journeying. Check out the sample below:


Adhi has many opportunities to explore your spiritual journey. You will find the fall and winter line up here:

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