The New Global Shaman


 Dr. Adhi  Two Owls works to create, develop and design contemporary tools, ceremonies, products and Art to support the spiritual seeker on their journey.

Dr. Adhi works to create unique custom designs with eco friendly, environmentally conscious materials that are gathered ethically. Her work promotes the sacred with a grounded sense of being aware of its impact on the earth. She uses no plastics, and keeps to traditional methods where ever possible. Dr. Adhi’s sacred rattles, drums, instruments and items have been used in ceremonies, for healing people and the earth for over 25 years.

Dr. Adhi teaches her art and   craft throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond. Her approach to teaching is  down to earth, accessible and empowering.  



“…. it is about moving into relationship with the materials. The wood was a tree, the leather an animal, the fabric a plant or the wool off a sheep. These living components  come together through the creative process to become the extension and cooperative symbiosis that encapsulates beauty and unity in the universe….” Dr. Adhi Two Owls

Get to know Adhi and her work….

You can find Adhi on Facebook. , Twitter , Adhizen Studio shop and  Pinterest … She is always creating,  exploring and researching  and developing products of interest that support and enrich the work that she does to help others navigate their journey on the planet.


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On CDBaby you can purchase Adhi’s rattling tracks for journeying.
To download you can go to the page Mind Tracks or listen below: