The New Global Shaman Creating – Healing – Building – Art & Communities At the Speed of Love

Dr. Adhi Two Owls is an Artist, Shaman, and the insightful voice of the Shaman@Large  BLOG  


“…. it is about moving into relationship with the materials and the world around us. The wood was a tree, the leather an animal, the fabric a plant or the wool off a sheep. These living components  come together through the creative process to become the extension and cooperative symbiosis that encapsulates beauty and unity in the universe….”

Dr. Adhi Two Owls



She is always creating,  exploring, traveling,  researching, developing products  that support and enrich the work that she does to help others navigate their journey on the planet.



Adhi is a skilled craftsperson.  Her workshops are containers to explore all kinds of materials and methods create to  design sacred tools, self awareness, along with developing empowering through engaged experiences. She has a wealth of information in various  art mediums, traditional craft methods, spiritual concepts, science and guides her classes in was the support being curious about the world around us.   She shares her wisdom to help others discover.

Malas and Pouches




She has built her reputation of the quality and integrity of her products, the integrity of the information she shares, and the safe environments she builds to explore  these ideas.


Greening and healing  the world is in the designs, methods, and creations that care for people places, and things….



Adhi always works to find the best materials with the least impact on the planet. She seeks  fair trade, environmentally responsible leathers, rawhides, beads, bells, etc… and creates items that will last a long time with regular use.  She offers repair and restoration as well as unique custom/bespoke designs. 


You can find Adhi on FaceBook , Twitter , Adhizen Studio ShopInstagram and  Pinterest

You can veiw and purchase her original photographs here:Adhizen Photograph