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My name is Dr. Adhi  I am an Artist, teacher and worldly Shaman. I have over 30 years of exploring interesting, ideas, things and places. Every new experence has helped to open my mind to the magic of this world. Life is a complex journey of creating relationships with each other and the world around us. I feel my art and work is to serve and help others to find their way.  My life has shown me there are are no short cuts. We have to participat in the reality of what is here and from that set of relationships we can grow emotionally and spiritually. 

We are at a time of redirection and  callibration in order to remain here as a viable species. Our history is the story of success and the pain of many misunderstandings towards each other and the planet. We can not fix the past. We can only move in a direction that corrects the imbalances and  fosters communication, collaboration and co-operation.  

Nature is a our greatest teacher and at this point we needed to pay attentiuon to her vulnerablities and what she is showing us as we move forwad. All our choices matter. What we do now will effect many generations forward. I am  not offering a specific tradtion or religion. I belive it is about remembering our humanity and rising to meet that in a way that truly reflects who  we are.  The stuff of stars and a long journey through time.  That the forces in the univese gave us life and that life is rare and precious. 

My job as a Shaman is to serve this greater good. To tirelessly work to wake people up and  help them find the meaningful place they are to dwell in. That is not just about being happy. It is about belonging to the complex and challenging world we live in and knowing you are valued for who you are.

I offer individual and group sessions, ceremony,  workshops, classes, retreats and lectures. You can check out my podcasts and other offerings by clicking on the menu above.

“…. it is about moving into relationship with the materials and the world around us. The wood was a tree, the leather an animal, the fabric a plant or the wool off a sheep. These living components  come together through the creative process to become the extension and cooperative symbiosis that encapsulates beauty and unity in the universe….”

Dr. Adhi Two Owls


Adhi is always creating,  exploring, traveling,  researching, developing products  that support and enrich the work that she does to help others navigate their journey on the planet. Adhi is a skilled craftsperson. Investing in learning many different mediums and  methods. She has built her reputation on the ethical resourcing and high quality of her work. She shares these skills by offering classes, retreats, mentorships, tutorials  and workshops through out the year.  Her workshops are containers to explore all kinds of materials and methods to create and   design sacred tools, self awareness, along with developing empowering life changing experiences that awaken and expand.  She has a wealth of information in various  art mediums, traditional craft methods, spiritual concepts, science and  this guides her classes in ways that support being curious about the world around us.   She shares her wisdom freely to help support others in their process of discovery.

Greening and healing  the world is in the designs, methods, and creations that care for people places, and things….



Adhi always works to find the best materials with the least impact on the planet. She seeks  fair trade, environmentally responsible leathers, rawhides, beads, bells, etc… and creates items that will last a long time with regular use.  She offers repair and restoration as well as unique custom/bespoke designs.



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  • Client Testimonials

    I highly recommend Adhi's skills and adept talents as an artisan, and shamanic practitioner and educator. She is one of few I know who truly understand the right awareness, attitude and methodology of entering sacred space, working with the energies and allies with integrity, and in a coherent manner, and ensuring the well being of her clients.

    Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
    The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

  • Client Testimonials

    Adhi has a wealth of information that she shares with clarity and humor. As a scientist and teacher she offers cutting edge information that can be applied to one's life.

    Mosa Baczewska, Facilitator
    Sounding on Purpose Vocal Workshop

  • October 2023
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