Drawing the Earth: Adsultantibus Terra 2023

Drawing the Earth: a monthly class in exploring organic living forms for deeper connection, spirtual insights and more

Wood Knot 2018

Every Second Monday of the month starting Feburary 13th, 2023 I will offer this drawing class on Zoom focusing on the forms and shapes found on the Earth. Drawing in this way is a good path towards creating observation and connection. How we wesse and perceive the world is in direct relation to our ground understanding of this. Over the many thousands of years that humans have been drawing, we can see the shifts from imaginative drawings to observation. these cycles have corresponded with great shift in human consciousness and growth.

Adsultantibus means drawing in Latin. Terra is Earth in Latin. Latin is the language we use for taxonomy which is the study of the classification of all species, systems things on Earth.

We will meet at 7pm on Zoom and we will explore drawing natural forms for 2 hours. Each class will have a theme for you to explore such as seeds, branches, leaves, stones, water, etc….. After each class participates can explore these themes in their surrounds drawing from direct observation. There will also be opportunities to share these drawing for feed back during class.

Tuition for this class is $25 for a drop in use Venmo: @Adhi-TwoOwls

or you can subscribe for a $20 through my Pateon page: https://patreon.com/TheAdhiZenStudio