Ancestral Circle

Join Dr. Adhi for a by-weekly gathering to strengthen and grow from our ancestral roots. We all come from somewhere and were born into a lineage that is expressed in the person we are today. Learning to reconcile the mistakes of our ancestors and holding the wisdom we carry in us from from them is a big part of healing the social and earth challenges we now face. To move forward we need to recover and discover our true nature. It has been prophesied that when we reconcile our past, our ancestry and each other we will have a thousand years of peace. I would like this by-weekly circle to be a place for people to begin this journey.

What to expect: During each gathering we will drum and rattle to create an opening to our ancestors. I will read from a folk tale or story that feels relavant to the energy of each gathering. We will offer prayers for insight, guidance and clarity for the courage and wisdom to learn and grow. We will share and discuss what we experience and then close out the circle.

TIME: First and third Thursday of the month Starting in September 7th, 2023


What to bring and how to be ready: It is best if you can have a quiet place where you can focus and be present during the gathering. Have a cushion or other comfortable way to sit and lie down of you need to. Bring rattles and/or drums, burn your favorite incense or offering, notebook, water to drink and if you have pictures of ancestors you want to connect with.

We will meet online through Zoom. You can drop in for a suggested donation of $12 or you can subscribe monthly for $20

You can subscribe monthly through PATREON:

Please use either of the Links below to register as a drop -in.


Venmo: @Adhi-TwoOwls

After you are registered or subscribed you will receive the Zoom link for these gatherings.


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