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Dr. Adhi has been offering a mentoring  for several years now. Each January she invite students to commit for a year long exploration to discover themselves and their relationship to the world. Shamanism is a practice.

Shamans are not holy people or Gurus we are those who have made a contract with the Universe to help bring balance to the world. We do have techniques which aid in this process and they are  the core of the teachings.  Your growth, practice and skill development are grounded in the foundation of learning these techniques as expressed by Geography, People and culture of where your live.



What does it cost?

dec 2011 060The tuition for one year of mentorship is $2,500. Which can be spread out over 4 payments of ($650) during the year. This covers the cost of materials, one on one time, hand outs, web access to online class room. Healing sessions and other work to guide you through your year with me. You be required to sign a contract and financial agreement to participate in the program. 




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 The Program is divided into 3 levels:

First year: Participants make their own rattle and mesa. They will also learn foundational practices to develop their mind and open their hearts. 

Second year: Building on the first years participants will learn ceremonial development, healing techniques and ways to integrate shamanism in the world.

Third year: This level moves the student into a more individualized  direction of study. The student will begin the focus on how they want to use their shamanic studies for healing and exploring the world.


Each level has required reading and practices that must be done in order to fully understand the process of becoming a shaman.

If you are interested in joining the apprentice ship for 2018 please let me know by the end of December. We will need to set up a phone/video interview.

Mobile: 267.884.4252

email: adhizen@gmail.com