Dr. Adhi has been offering a mentoring program for several years now. Each January she invites students to commit for a year long exploration to discover themselves and their relationship to the world. Adhi offers a kind of shamanism that incorporates the earth and physical sciences, Arts  and spiritual principles. Her students are encouraged to discover their sense of wonder and ecstatic connection through experience, art, curiosity, sound, movement and investigation. The basic premise of Shamanism is the relationship between ordinary experiences and non- ordinary experiences.  That is where the world opens up and offers a kind of magic and  awareness. This is where Shamanism draws its wisdom from. You can see this in how shamanism as is found in the world and is expressed  by the geography and culture of the people who live there. That is why Mongolian shamanism is different from North American Shamanism yet they each have a similar root grounded in the plants, animals, cosmologies and taboos/mythologies of each location. 

New Global shamanism: What are we going to do today to bring the world together? 

Adhi is committed to bringing shamanism into the current times. Using the traditional wisdoms she has acquired and looking at the needs of today’s world. Shamans were the ones who bridged those worlds to keep people, places and things in right relationship to each other and the universe. She uses art and sound as tools to connect and awaken the mind and heart to see the bigger patterns and  relationship. This approach unites us to take care of each other and the world we live in.

Plant Medicines: 

Plants offer us a wealth of information and medicines. In this year long journey participants will work with three native plants from their region. This begins to open the student up to what is around them and the potential for understanding how to wildcraft, store, pray and develop medicine from these plants. 

Adhi’s work is offered in a drug free environment. (This is for legal and safety reasons. ) She does not offer the use of Psychoactive plants or mushrooms as teachings due to the controversial nature of their acquisition. They are also not a necessary component  to learning shamanism.  In respect to the indigenous protocols stated by the elders and the peoples who are the keepers of these plant medicines I do not offer them as part of my teachings.


“…. It is not about having a drug induced experience it is about being embodied to have an engaged experience which will open you up to how you are part of the Earth, and its creatures. That is a  transcendence that comes with awakening . This can only happen with being full present and engaged with your life. No plant or mushroom will get you there. Only practice will….”  From the lecture –  Sober Shamanism: The myth of plant medicines, the exploitation of plants and Indigenous cultures for profit. 


A General Note About Shamans:   

Shamans are not holy people or Gurus we are those who have made a contract with the Universe to help bring balance to the world. We do have techniques which aid in this process and they are  the core of the teachings.  Your growth, practice and skill development are grounded in the foundation of learning these techniques as expressed by Geography, People and culture of where your live.



Overview of some of the requirements  for the year:

Now that we are in the current  era of Covid-19  the dynamics  of teaching  this program  have to shift to maintain safe health practices

• As group we will meet on Zoom once a month to share and discuss teachings. These are for two hours and are required. Schedule will be posted in December.

• Each individual  in the program will need to schedule each month 2 one hour  personalized sessions. This is  to explore your personal  needs and focus in on  a guidance that helps you grow along your path.  

• Over the course the year each student  will make a drum, rattle and other sacred items to develop your practice. You will needed to schedule  time to come visit  me in my studio to do that.  That will be 3-4 weekends or similar amount of time (spaced out over the year) to accommodate the making of these sacred items.

•  There is a book list of resources  and some required reading you will need to get. I also have an extensive  library you can explore when you visit for to weekends. 

• One of my requirements  for my students to volunteer. This can be a food pantry, reiki clinic, animal shelter,  addiction  services…  help call center….etc…  I ask that you commit to  at lease 50 hours of service over the course of the year. 

•  If the Covid-19 situation finally resolves  we will gather in person (all of us) for a  two retreat long weekends in somewhere  wild and inspiring. 


What does it cost?

The tuition for one year of mentorship is $3,500. You can pay it annually or it be spread out over 5 payments of ($700) during the year. ( I am open to creative ways to work out tuition  payments  so don’t  make money an issue if you really want to do this. Talk to me and we can see  what is possible)

$3,500 tuition covers the cost of  my time working with you individually, materials to make your drum, rattle, sacred items,  group retreat, and other work to guide you through your year with me. 

Please note:  You be required to sign a contract, Hold Harmless waiver and financial agreement that will out line the details of the tuition costs and your agreement  to your payment schedule. This is all necessary to participate in the program.  This day and age  requires this formal documentation for bookkeeping and taxes.


Contact information:


If you are interested in joining the apprentice ship for 2021. We start in January. We will need to set up a phone/video and written application interview before then.  There is a nonrefundable application fee of $100 that will be subtracted from the tuition fee if you’re accepted  into the program.

Mobile: 267.884.4252 or email: