Artic Circle Trail Adventure 2024

In 2024 I will be gathering a small group of Adventerers to hike the Artic Circle Trail (ACT) in Greenland. The ACT is a 112 mile trail that wanders from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut in Greenland. The hike is moderate in difficulty yet requires one carries all their needs for the duration of the hike. The hike can be done in 9-12 days depending on the weather and pace.

I am organizing this adventure to experience the region and listen to the spirits of the land. As the world is changing and warming, this part of the world will soon be the next frontier for the dyaspora of develoment and migration. I would like to experience this region before it changes for good and to have the opportunity to listen to the spirits of this place to learn what we can do to navigate these changes with ingetrity, insights to ethical/ecological understand and actions.

This trip will be limited to 8 people. If you would like to be concidered for this please contact me for an interview at :

Over the course of the next year we will plan, gather resources, practice hike, organize research and focus our spiritual practices toward this region of the world.

To be concidered for this trip you will need to demonstrate mental and emotional maturity, good physical health and spiritual fitness. This is NOT for beginners. Each individual will need to be able to carry all their food and supplies for the duration fo the 112 miles. Each day hiking 9-12 miles to reach certain locations.

Depending on flights and other expense plan on an investment of $4,000 to $5,000

The Dates for this trip are set for August 6th – 26th with some flexiblity for flights and other scheduling .

The general itinerary for the trip will look like this: Day 1 – We fly in to ReyKjaviK Iceland and spend the day organizing resources and for our next flight. Day 2 – fly to Kangerlussuaq. Day 3 – Visit Glacier, by fuel and other supplies and spend the night. Day 4 – begin hiking the ACT trail. Day 5-15 hiking the trail to Sisimiut. Day 16-17 explore the region and prepare to fly back to Kangerlussuaq. Day 18- fly back to Kangerlussuaq. Day 19 fly back to Reykjavik and spend a day or 2 decompressing.

All this is subject to changes aswe get closer and more refined and allow for other variables.

I will be posting more information about weather, the equipment you will need to have and other logistics soon.


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