Assateague Spring Wind Horse Retreat April 7th- 14th 2016

Join Adhi for a Wind Horse week long intensive on Assateague Island!

April 7th to the 14th 2016

This week long intensive is a journey to a unique place on the East coast of the United States.  The folklore for the region states that Assateague as a barrier island  became the home to ship wrecked horses form around the 17th century. They swam there and took up residence. On the island today their are 3 different herds and they are monitored and run free range of the island. The island is also home to migrating birds, and other wild life. For more information on the island :

Assateague National Seashore

The Wind Horse week long intensive combines the natural energies of the Assateaque Island in Maryland. This is a magical place where wild horses, the ocean and the wind mix to create the perfect environment for intense shamanic study. The Wind Horse is the animal that carries the prayers of the person to the heavens or the upper world. The wind horse represents the deep and focused intention of the individual to discern the truth of their nature and to ask for divine guidance from the upper world to help manifest that truth here on Earth.

Compassion is the root to making this personal journey.

This intensive is designed for those who have had some experience in meditation,  journeying and shamanic practice. Yet it is a self contained retreat and you will learn everything you need in the time we are together.

If you have any questions please email me.

The island offers a clear and unobstructed view and very little distractions. This challenges the individual to look deeper for insights and guidance about their journey and spiritual path. The intensive is designed to offer a week to fully immerse into the teachings and deeply explore the inner journey of the spirit as it meets with and works with the upper world.

It starts on April 7th and runs through the morning of April 14th. The gathering is designed for participants to work with the wild horse energies on the island in ceremony and use various shaman techniques such as journeying, meditation, and sacred tool making.









Some activities:

You will create while on the island a Mesa (sacred bundle), Rattle, and other tools for working with the energies. We will build a sacred space and make offerings to the energies there and journey every day to clear and understand the deeper motives of our inner landscape. This is a full week of offerings, journeys and ceremony…as well as fun and challenges.

Things to consider:

This is can be a very intense experience. The emotional, spiritual, physical aspects and the weather can bring up very deep feelings and emotions. We are really out in the elements and that can be a very raw experience. This is part of doing the deep work. It pushes the edges of what we think we know about ourselves. Participants in the past have come away with profound insights and a deeper understanding of their spiritual path. It is a commitment not just to do the workshop but to do the work.

This is full participation workshop. We all cook, clean up and create a village for our time together. This also adds to the sense of community support as we explore the experience. Each time I offer this intensive its different.
The cost for the week long intensive is $650.00, which includes camp space and food for the week. The National Seashore provides RUSTIC camping facilities, meaning cold showers and porta-potties only. You will need to bring all your own camping gear and be prepared for any kind of weather. Once you have registered and paid you will receive a full list of materials and a recommended packing list of helpful items to have while on the island.

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Thank you and I look forward to experiencing this retreat with you – Adhi.


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