Assateague testimonials…..


These were written by  some of the 2015 participants…


horses-on-the-beachA great opportunity to test one’s resilience and adaptability.
The setting is wild and magical and Nature speaks in a loud voice. Whether it be a walk on the beach or a forest trail finding special rocks, feathers, bones, or seeing a pod of dolphins near the shore at sunrise, wild horses, wild deer, eagles and hawks soaring above or a heron taking flight: omens, signs, or enchantments from Nature become our daily dance.

The elements are intense with shifting winds, sometimes at near gale-force, cold air, a fiery scorching sun, blazing sunrises, heavy rains. The constant roar of the waves crashing on the beach is omnipresent and becomes a lullaby as one sinks into sleep in the arms of Mother Earth.

This retreat takes you out of your comfort zone and stretches you in all directions.
On the vertical axis, we fly up in the ethers to the sound of Adhi’s rattle, where visions are received, entities showing themselves where the veil thins, a scrying pond offering insights and grounding all of this by sticthing hides for a rattle and a divination bag or going for a nature walk.

Walking one’s talk
On the horizontal axis, we become a community, fetching water for food and drink, wood for the cooking fire, we participate in meal preparation, dish washing, sharing conversations, songs, laughter, tears, silences, helping one another and staying centered in the heart when buttons are pushed. Forgiving others, forgiving one’s self. Enjoying our humanness.

Adhi shares her vast knowledge and creativity with generosity, is a wonderful teacher and a great inspiration.

The 2015 Assateague Wind Horse Retreat was a profound, intense, creative and magical experience. During the week, I totally disconnected from urban life and became synchronized with nature, my heart filled with reverence and gratitude by the beauty and abundance offered so lovingly by Mother Earth.

Lightening the load
I left Assateague with more clarity and less fears, rigidities, and resistances, making room in my life for much more magic. Deep in my being, I know that life will always provide what is needed. By trusting with an open heart, life is becoming a dance of synchronicities and truly magical.

Assateague Wind Horse Retreat 2016, here I come!!!

Lokita Dyhani – Quebec




Why I will keep on coming back…

I will keep on coming back to Assateague for a very specific reason that is the core of my experience every time we meet on this seemingly unfriendly island, under the wings of Adhi Two Owls.

We set up camp, get to know each other and start grounding our presence on the island. Slowly but surely the fabric of everyday reality starts stretching, it loosens up a bit here and there. And we are magically presented with the opportunity to peak through the holes into other realities, or are the other realities that come to us through those loosen up holes?

There is a sense of expansion and a feeling of interconnection that run parallel to the regular undertake of mundane tasks to ensure our basic needs are met – the wood, the fire, the food etc.

In such a state when the dolphins come playing in the waves I don’t just see them, I feel them, and I sense they feel me too.

The Divine Matrix, experienced firsthand.

Maddalena Gonzo – Montreal Quebec



There is something magical about Assateague Island. It feels like the veil between the different dimensions or worlds is thinner there, more translucent, allowing us to glimpse through and gain profound insight about ourselves. To do so under the guidance of Adhi and within sacred space is hugely powerful and was life-altering for me, setting me on the path for deep healing. The community we form, the sacred tool making, the rich environment and the challenges of being exposed to the elements all contribute to and support the inner transformation. Thank you Adhi for presenting us with such a powerful gathering!

C. R. – Sherbrooke Quebec