Bear Medicine Weekend WorkShops 2023

Dr. Adhi will be offering one opportunity for you to work with Bear medicine this fall. She has acquired though ethical sources some bear raw hide to make rattles. The workshop will be outlined below. They will be held in different locations to accomodate travel. Space is VERY limiited and if you are wanting to participate this opportunity please pre-register. The workshop will be in two locations.

Littleton New Hampshire – September 8th-10th 2023– This location will be in my home and studio which I share with my furry cats. This workshop location is limited to 4 people. Registering ahead is required. You will need to arrange accommodations for your stay near by or commute. There are many B&Bs, AirB&B, motels, camping , and hotels in the area. There is a long rail trail along the Ammomousic River that we will utilize to gathering offerings, and such during the weekend. We are 20 minutes from the Franconia Notch and weather permitting we will spend part of Saturday taking a hike to the BASIN for some of our meditation work. Please self covid test 24 hours before arriving.

What to expect:

(This is a general outline and subject to change depending on the weather and other unforseen variables.)

This is a 3 day weekend workshop. It will start Friday afternoon, All day Saturday and finish on Sunday. This is an emersion into the medicine of Bear. This will include ceremony, journeying, meditation, fire offerings, the creation of a rattle, the gathering of materials to create your rattle and teachings from many traditions that hold the bear as a sacred being.

When working with any animal spirit or diety one needs to come open to recieve. This is about connecting to the bear though the material of its being. Meditation and ceremony will be directing you to listen, see and feel for that energy as it gudes you through the process of making the rattle.

We will bless the Earth and all the Elements that are supporting us through this process. Please bring some water and some earth from where you live to help create the altar/mesa for our work together. This is important and shows repect and builds a connection to where you are from. All this sacred work is about connecting and rediscovering our interconnectedness. We are weaving prayers and actions. These things matter and the rattle you make will have a good foundation for the work you are drawn to do with it.

Friday: You will arrive and set up our space to work. Depending on the location this will include your sleeping arrangements. We will gather at Sunset to Bless the waters and the hides. After that we will eat dinner which will include introductions and instructions for the evening events. You will sew and stuff your rattles and set them to dry.

Saturday: We will start the day with breakfast. Followed by a journey to connect to your rattle’s energy and then a hike to look for things to put in your rattle. Lunch. The afternoon will be working offering and prayers with a fire and building the Earth altar. Dinner. Evening ceremony

Sunday: Beakfast. Then you will put together your rattle from all the medicine you have recieve over the weekend. Followed by a ceremony to deepen your connect and teaching about how to care for and work with your rattle. Then we’ll open the circle and finish all that needs to be done to put closure on our weekend.

Tuition for this weekend workshop is $260.00 USD this includes use of tools, materials and all the included teaching. You will need to arrange where you are staying during the weekend. That is not included in the tuition.

To register for the workshop and arrange payment you can email Adhi at:


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