Divination Services

Seed and bones for casting

Starting in January 2022 I will be offering Divination sessions using several different methods. Divination is NOT fortune telling ( I will not tell you ways to get your ex back or how to win a million dollars….). Divination refers to connecting to the Divine/ God/Goddess/Something greater than ourselves to ask for guidance about a people, places or things. The art (and science) of Divination has its roots in many traditions around the world. It has been used by Shamans and Healers to gain insights into what a to focus on in healing session, negotiate the issues with the home or land or to connect to ancestors. It can be helpful during life changes and when you need to make choices about direction. With proper application divination can open up connections and ways that can give you insights and assurance to your situation. Ultimately, the information given is for you to work with along with other resources to help you along your way. Divination is NOT gospel it is guidance.

Divination is a way of inquiry that can help focus you on your path and develop and better under of where to place your energy and resources. The process of divination is about reading the relationships between symbols, materials, archetypes, signs etc…. that are cast or drawn at random in response to a question or inquiry. This process can only be helpful if you come prepared with questions and you are willing to make changes if that will improve your situation. Before you make an appointment think about why you want reading? What are your expectations? Are you in denial about something or someone in your life? Are you ready to make changes or grow into a more authentic way of being? Are you grieving? Are you in emotional, physical, spiritual pain? Etc…..

How I conduct a session: It begins with and introduction answering any questions about the general flow of our time. Then I will ask why you are here and what you are hoping to happen today. In the Divination process I will use traditional methods such as Dowsing, Runes, Casting Bones/Stones/Seeds, Tarot, etc… each one has a different format and can offer different kinds of nuance to your inquiry. I will offer what I feel will work yet you are free to choose a method you feel comfortable with.

A typical session runs about an hour. My minimum is 30mins. Because of Covid I only seeing clients on Zoom. All sessions are by appointment and prepaid or at the time of the session.

My fees for divination are $90 for a half and $150 for an hour. I use Venmo and PayPal for Payment. To schedule an appointment email: adhizen@gmail.com


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    Adhi is very approachable and down to earth. I highly recommend joining one of many workshops that she has to offer. You will meet new friends and perhaps see old ones as well.

    Arlene Hampton-Harding, Owner
    AHH Intuitive Therapies

  • Client Testimonials

    I love Adhi! She has great energy, and is very knowledgeable. Her heart is always in the right place and present with whatever she does. I purchase her EMF products. She has the best prices!!

    Brenda Bailey, Client

  • October 2023
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