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Client Testimonials

Adhi has been teaching workshops in shamanism and dowsing on a regular basis for several years at my business, Radiance, in downtown Lancaster PA. She has a broad and deep knowledge in her fields and is an excellent teacher.

Sarah Preston, Owner


Isis Osiris pendulum

New pendulum Design incorporating the Isis and Osiris pendulums

Support Adhi through a Donation

Welcome to the Donations page. I would like to say Thank You to those you who have given generously in the past. Your contributions have helped to further some very important research.

On the right side of this page you will see the donations to date and this is the accumulated over the past 4 years since this website was launched. A large part of my research work is funded through the sale of my Shamanic artwork, private healing sessions and by individual donations from those who see the value in exploring different alternatives/complimentary modalities of healing. Research is on going and I’m always striving to understand deeper connections and explore ways to make the world a better place.

Your donations so far have helped to develop the brain medicine pattern, The Biocharging mandala products and currently is being used to develop and design seed arks that will be used to store heritage and organic seeds for long periods of time.

I am strongly aligned with the idea that we are all doing this together. My work is a direct response to the needs of my community and the greater challenges of the planet. We all continue to grow and learn. Every year brings ideas. With traditional medicines and healing practices we find growing connections to technology and sustainability. They are merging and becoming part of the reality of these times. With some very promising out comes.

As we walk along this growing path to transformation and sustainability. I look forward to continuing the service and work. All donations are welcome.

Bright Blessings to all of you,