Drawing the Lines

Drawing is a bridge to so many kinds of human experiences. Drawung focuses the mind, opens up ways to explore concepts/ideas, builds designs, unravels emotions and feelings, stimulates joy and developed new neural pathways. Drawing is meditation and stimulation. Drawing is the mind at rest and in action. Drawing coordinates the mind, eye and the body to create better thinking and perception. Drawing is a key to understanding our subconscious mind and active awareness of our world.

Drawing is one of the very earliest of ways that humans articulated their world in a 2D surface. From there we evolved into art, sculpture, design, drafting, etc….

Each class will explore a different kinds of drawing, subjects and drawing materials. Such as inks, pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, graphite, pastels, crayons, markers, etc…. materials will be posted on the social media page for each week.

The hour us designed to introduce and explore the materials and end with a critic and discussion on everyone’s work.

This is an ongoing online one hour drawing class. Every Monday night at 7pm EST Staring September 8th. Cost for this class is $30 to drop-in, 3 sessions for $75 for 6 classes for $120 Pre-registration is recommended.

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