Drum Making Workshop

Making a drun is an empowering journey to discover the magic and rhythms of the universe and those that live in side of you. We are star stuff. In many cultures a drum is a skin stretched over a frame playing the song of the universe. In those same cultures the definition of a human is the same. We seek connections and communicate with patterns and rhythms. When you commit to making a drum you join the circle of many generations before you that have heard the call and answer the path to create a drum.
This worship is 3 days starting the evening of February 19th and ending February 21st in the afternoon. We will move through ceremony and the creative process. You will learn about the materials, the symbolism of the drum, the animal skin, frame and all the connections that create the sacredness of what a drum is and how to use it.

This course is offered through Zoom because of the current Covid-19 situation. That limits the course size to 4-6 participants. Pre-registration is required. All your materials will be mailed a head of time.

I work directly to aquire hides and frames that are ethically sourced. Currently rhe hides available for this drum making course are: Elk, Deer and horse. The frames are also sourced from fallen trees. This year so far the woods available are maple and ash.

To reserve your place and garrentee that your materials arrive on time you will need to register by February 1st, 2021.

Tuition which include materials and shipping for this course is $325.00

After you have registered you will recieve an email with your options for hide and frame as well as instructions for starting your sacred journey to make your drum.

I look forward to creating the sacred space for your drum making.