Advanced Energy Sciences Course

Advanced Energy Sciences Course – Scientific Radiesthesia

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In this two part course, participants learn how to use a pendulum to diagnose and transmute waveforms. This type of dowsing was developed in the 1930s and its’ use for interpreting the electromagnetic spectrum was well documented. The founding researchers retrieved this information on invisible waves from their meticulous study of Egyptian architecture and artifacts. The ancient Egyptians designed and developed forms that condensed and emitted particular waves, and these waves gave enhancements to such practices as mummification and rituals. These focused energies are also found in certain temples in Egypt.

Most people are familiar with Mental Radiesthesia or Divining (Dowsing) with a “Y” stick, or asking questions with a pendulum. Scientific Radiesthesia differs from Mental Radiesthesia in many ways. What makes Scientific Radiesthesia superior in diagnosing is that is removes our subjective minds from the equation. There are no questions asked of the pendulum, instead, in scientific Radiesthesia the pendulum is calibrated to look for some object or piece of information.

BG3 Pendulum and compass

Part I – The study of Invisible Radiations

In part one of this course the participants will learn how to choose a pendulum, calibrate it, and then learn to apply the technique of Radiesthesia to all manner of understanding energy qualities. The course will also cover the history and development of this science. Participants will also learn about tools to transmute toxic energies and enhance life force.

The following is an outline of what is covered in the workshop

  • What is Radiesthesia?
  • Choosing a pendulum
  • Materials and types of pendulums
  • Calibrating a pendulum
  • Dowsing for color frequencies
  • Dowsing for energy lines
  • Higher Harmonics and vibrations
  • Negative Green
  • Basic map dowsing
  • Basic energy transmuting techniques
  • And more…

Full day Course 10am to 4pm
Tuition: $150.00

Part II – Transmutation Technologies
Universal Pendulum

In the second part of this course, participants will learn many ways to apply and work with Scientific Radiesthesia for building a better world. The course will be divided into three sections:

Understanding the energy fields of the body and learning techniques to improve the overall health of the body. Color Balancing, Sanjeevinis, the use of energy signatures to modulate the body, Mei-Kei wave essence and other applications.

How to create and modulate spaces for better health. This section will cover many areas and introduce map diagnosis, working with earth energies, how to permanently clear land and homes of toxic energies, working with EMFs and much more.

This will cover the ancient mysteries and esoteric applications of Scientific Radiesthesia. Some of what will be discussed is how to create a sacred space for accessing higher energies, how to raise one’s vibration to work with higher energies, clearing entities and other parasites from the body and more.

Full day course 10am to 4pm
Tuition: $250.00