Every year Dr. Adhi Two Owls offers intensives and retreats to share how to make sacred tools, build sacred spaces and learn the techniques of a contemporary shaman. Dr. Adhi offers a broad and deep  amount of knowledge that connects participants to the magic and beauty of the world around them.  She believes the investment made in one’s spiritual journey is important deserves the time and care to have a space where you can feel safe to go deep in order expand into that experience.  Curiosity is key to opening up our understanding or the universe. Art and the creative process is vital in nourishing the relationship humans have to each other and the world.  To engage in the creative  develops the brain to solve problems which builds the way for imagination, exploration and realizations

Dr. Adhi believes the expression of one’s spirit is found in the creation of your sacred tools. This can be a drum, rattle, wand, talisman, sacred clothing…etc… What we make with the heart is beauty… the language of the universe. She encourages her students to make their tools and other healing items. Her sacred tool making workshop are designed to guide the student no matter what their skill level through an awakening to empower and discover their authentic creative  nature. The student gets to learn new skills coordinating  hand and mind together to form a relationship that empowers and encourages sustainability.

Dr. Adhi offers direct mentorships and one on one trainings. This is unique in that it allows for students to really work focused on a particular project from start to finish with mentored guidance.  Contact Dr. adhi for scheduling time for your project and discuss reciprocity options.

Events are self contained and cover a wide range of experiences. Adhi is a generous teacher who offers  inspiring concepts and the space to explore their development in a safe and mirthful way.



Full Moon Gatherings 2018:

These are interfaith gatherings. Bring drums, rattles,  and songs. We will be gathering outside. Please wear weather appropriate clothes and bring a ground cloth/blanket to sit on. An herbal tea reflecting of the moon energy  each month will be served.   

We start at 7:30pm

Location: 137 Scott Hill Road Lebanon Ct.

RSVP to let us know you are coming

January 31st  Moon – Wednesday ~ February Moon – No moon in Feb ~ March 1st Moon  ~ April 29th  Moon  ~ May 29th  Moon ~ June 28th Moon  ~  July 27th Moon ~ August 26th Moon ~ September 24th Moon ~ October 24th Moon ~ November 23rd Moon ~ December 22nd Moon 









Healing Nexus – Energy Healing Symposium

May 25th- 28th  Boston Massachusetts 

I will be offering a lecture and drum circle at this event.

Engaged Earth Energy Stewardship
We are at a time when we must as energy healers focus on the long term health and wellbeing of the earth and all her beings. In this lecture I would like to share useful methods as well as insights I have gleaned from my work over the past few years. As a shaman I know that weaving the physical to the energetic world is vital for the survival of this reality…. Click here to read more and to register

Full Registration details can be found here:  Healing Symposium Website



American Society of Dowsers Annual Conference

I will be offering a preconference workshop and a lecture at the annual conference this year.


In this half day workshop, you will learn the traditional methods I learned early on in my shaman training that helped me to be present with the earth and all her creatures. As a shaman and dowser I find these skills are enhanced by each other. Shamanism opens you up to the non-ordinary world, the world of the unseen and dowsing gives you the tools to measure and communicate with these unseen energies. Bring dowsing rods and a pendulum. We will be outside if the weather is good… wear appropriate clothing.

Check out the workshops and register for the conference you can go here: ASD conference registration page

When: June 13-17, 2018

Where:  The State University of New York (SUNY) in New Paltz, N.Y.



The 2018 West Coast Dowsing Conference
Intuition into Action​
June 29th – July 3th, 2018
Stevenson College
University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

The West Coast Dowsing Conference is a summer camp for dowsers and anyone involved with exploring consciousness, held among the wisdom of the Redwood tress in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

I am excited to be presenting again at this great conference in Santa Cruz California. To find out more about this conference and to register you can go here: West Coast Dowsers Conference 2018



Yoga Tribe Festival

When: July 14th  

Where:  The Sanctuary in East Haddam  Connecticut

Shaman's rattleGoing Deeper: A Journey in 3 Parts

This workshop is to teach techniques for going deeper into your awareness of the world around you. Nature is have  a conversation that we need participate in if we are to begin the healing and building of a healthier world.


ABOUT  the festival…..
A group of yoginis, yoga teachers and friends knew festivals draw wonderful beings ~ from those new to yoga to long-time practitioners and teachers~ and an eclectic crowd of musicians, dancers, artists, chefs, free spirits and tender hearts. The “kula” knew from experience the energy at yoga festivals is inspiring. and lets your inner self be free. Festivals offer new environments in which to practice and explore different traditions, styles and teachers of yoga, hear wild and soul-touching music, taste delicious and healthy treats, find new treasurers and make new friends. Bringing that experience to Connecticut became the kula’s mission. The festival logo represented our dreams and values:
Be Wild. Be Present. Be Aware.

Registration and schedule of events can be found here: Yoga Tribe Festival Website


The Sono Healing Collective

When: July 15th

Where: The second floor at 71 Water Street in South Norwalk Connecticut

Recalculating the Body: Dowsing for Health and Well Being

In this workshop participants will learn the basics for medical dowsing and techniques for balancing/healing the mind body and spirit. Dowsing has been around for 1,000s of years. It has taken many forms and practices dependent of the region and application. It’s uses span a wide spectrum from finding water to facilitating physical and energetic wellness. This offering will cover the ways in which dowsing can help the physical and energetic body to re-align and work better. This translates in to better health, less energy distractions…. better intuition and more…Participants will learn how to use their pendulum to diagnose and transform/transmute energies that blocked, stuck or not functioning properly. You will also learn practical techniques for daily energy clearing and rebalancing which can be transformative in the world today.

Other areas covered will be:

EMF smog
Geopathic stress as it relates to health
Micro-Bionome as it relates to physical and energetic health

Bring a pendulum if you have one (there will be some for purchase if you don’t have one), note book and a pic of some you want to practice healing.

Pre registration is required for this workshop to make sure everyone gets the hand outs and charts for the workshop. Link for registration will be posted shortly….



The 43rd Annual SSF-IIIHS Int’l Conference
The premier conference for harmonious integration of Science and Spirituality

When: August 10th trough the 16th

Where: Hôtel Hyatt Regency 1255 Jeanne-Mance, Montréal, QC

Building a New World: How to engage with the earth and each other for a peaceful future

What does it mean to walk your talk? We are living in a time of great birthing and transformation. Our words and actions must be the vehicle for this process. What we do in energy form must be mirrored in the solidity of this reality…. Come learn how.

Registration and scheduling details can be found here: IIISH 43rd Conference webpage

Balancing outer material pursuits with inner spiritual tranquility demands an intuitive awareness of guidance from Higher Realms of Consciousness. When inspired by a Divine Spiritual Connection, the new humanity can live more creatively and enjoy optimal happiness and joy in life. Don’t miss this ten-day conference featuring over 50 presenters.




September – 4th – 16th 

Red Earth Women’s Herbal Conference

Boulder Colorado

Website: Redearthherbalgathering.com

Dr. Adhi will be offering a workshop on New Neurology and Plant Spirit Medicine