Every year Adhi offers intensive and retreats to share how to make sacred tools, build sacred spaces and learn the techniques of a contemporary shaman. Events are self contained and cover a wide range of experiences. Adhi is a generous teacher who offers  inspiring concepts and the space to explore their development in a safe and mirthful way.







January 2017- June 2017

Staring Wednesday January 4th at 7pm – 7:30pm EST  and continuing through to June.  Dr. Adhi will be offering Live Cast web talks on a variety of subjects.  Live Cast will be through Facebook and you can find out about each weeks subject here:

Wednesday Night Live Cast with Dr. Adhi


March 2017

March 24th   Monthly Singing and Chanting Circle – 7:00pm

Do you want to get together and practice singing and chanting? Got a song you want to share? Need to learn some new songs for your next march or protest?

This is circle for us to come gather and sing…chant… raise our voices… Harmonize our hearts… Make a magical joyful noise together.

Our voice is our personal instrument and we need in this time our voices to rise together…. Songs can unite us and build solidarity when we face the hardest work and the challenges ahead.

Bring a snack to share…


Lebanon Connecticut

Facebook page: Chanting and Singing Circle

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March 25th- Alchemy of Liquid Fire 10:00 am to 4pm

Metal Alchemy is magical. To take a cold hard chunk of metal and through the process of heating turn the material into a flowing liquid that can be reformed into something else is a magical and empowering experience.

It is the symbolic transformation of the soul and its journey towards enlightenment. The cycle of solid to liquid state can also be see in transformation of a butter fly…. the states of water from ice to vapor. The life journey we take that reforms us and mold us through the elements of air, earth, fire and water.. is mirrored in this process.

In this small and intimate workshop Dr. Adhi will lead participants on a journey to transform themselves through the process of recycled metal alchemy.
Lebanon Connecticut

Facebook page: Alchemy of Liquid Fire


April 2017

Saturday April 1st – Fire: An Enchantment With Heat and Light

In this one day workshop participants will learn the empowering and transformational aspects of fire. Fire has a deep and long journey with humanity. It has shaped our direction and path as a species and continues to do so.

From cook fires to the rocket engines that take us to other worlds fire is both a tool and a dangerous element if not respected.

You will learn different fire making techniques. How to build a Fire portal how to create a fire lighting pouch and bundle.

You will journey to the fire and find out how it can be used in your life.


Lebanon Connecticut

Facebook page: Fire: An Enchantment with Heat and Light



Saturday- April 8th from 1pm to 4pm -Talking to Trees workshop

Trees are the magical standing ones who watch the world from their still point. Trees give so much to us and learning how to communicate with them can be an empowering and profound experience.

In this afternoon workshop participants will learn how to communicate with trees using the shamanic techniques of journeying, awakening…and Dreaming. We will go out into the woods and find trees and journey connect with them and explore what knowledge they can share with us. We will journal and draw and discuss our experiences. We will end the day with a ceremony to make offerings to the trees.

Lebanon Connecticut

Talking to Trees Facebook Event page




Saturday April 15th 1pm to 4pm – Animal Communication workshop

In this afternoon workshop participants will learn how to communicate with animals. We will venture out into the fields and woods to journey and connect to the animal communities around us. Animals can teach us a lot about how to be closer to the earth and ways to live in balance.

The land here offers the opportunity communicate with many kinds of animals such as Hawks, owls, turkey, deer, fox, coyote… All kinds of birds and other small mammals… Each one magical in their own ways.

We will learn how to sit in the silence to become aware, shapeshifting to embody the essence of the animal…journeying to the animal spirit… And other techniques for direct communication.

Bring a notebook, ground cloth and wear weather appropriate clothes.

Animal Communication Facebook event page





21st-23rd Dr. Adhi will be in Syracuse New York- details will be posted soon



Dr. adhi will be speaking at the Finger lakes Chapter of ASD

For more information and ASD chapter events: Finger Lakes ASD chapter






Saturday April 29th 1pm to 4pm- Dowsing 101 for more information and registration: Dowsing 101 FaceBook event



May 2017

May 27th and 28th Sacred Forge Weekend

Come learn about the magic if fire and metals on the beautiful land in Lebanon Connecticut. Registration and details can be found here:

Sacred Forge Retreat 2017



May 19th-21st

Sacred Drum Making Retreat


Come join Adhi as she leads participants on a three day journey to make their own sacred drum for ceremony and transformation healing.

Facebook page:   Sacred Drum Making Retreat 2017




June 2017

June 2nd through the 4th – The Canadian Society of Dowsers annual Conference —- Canadian Society of Dowsers



June 14th through the 20th – American Society of Dowsers annual Conference —- American Society of Dowsers

June 22nd through the 25th

Sacred Rattle Making Weekend Retreat

rattles 000002

Come learn how to make a sacred rattle for your spiritual journey. Adhi is a master rattle creator and has been on the journey with the rattle for over 23 years. She will take participants on a journey to discover and create a unique and powerful rattle for transformation and healing.

The weekend will also include ceremonies, journeys and techniques for how to use the rattle for healing.

All materials are provide.

Tuition: $325.00

Rustic camping and all meals are provided with your paid registration. Details on what to bring will be sent once you are registered. Space is limited.

Registration and payment a can be found here—->

EventBrite: Sacred Rattle Making Retreat Weekend