Flagstaff Dowsers Zoom Workshops 2021

Welcome Flagstaff Dowsers!

On this page you will find all the registration information to sign up for my rescheduled workshops. I am sorry I will miss seeing you all in person this year. You can sign up for my advance workshops they will be offer on Zoom and recorded for later viewing with a link I will send to registrants.

The workshops will be rescheduled for Saturday November 6

I look forward to share the wisdom-

Dr. Adhi Two Owls

Opening the 3rd Eye 10am PST

In this 1/day workshop participants will learn a specific protocol for de-banding the 3rd eye. The research for this is based on the alchemical process that was done by the early Catholic church as a means to control populations and political gain. I will discuss this history of Baptism, how it changed from it’s origin form, the physical/mental/spiritual issues that are associated with a closed 3rd and we will go step by students to reverse the process. I will offer resources for further research. What to bring to class: A pendulum, notebook, and the PDF worksheet I will be sending you once you register

Three ways to Dream the World into Being:

1pm PST

Three Ways to Dream the World into Being – In this 1/2 day workshop participants will learn 3 ancient world myths and take 3 guided shamanic journeys to discover ways to dream the world into its next incarnation. We are at the cross roads. The great awakening. This workshop is designed to bring you closer to being part of the next evolution. What to bring: a pendulum and eye covering if you need it for the journey.

To register for these workshops use the link below

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