Making a Divination Pouch & Methods

One of the many tools in a Shaman tool bag is a divination pouch. In the pouch are the things collected that represent the cosmos and the divine beings that one can communicate with to facilitate guidance and direction. In this course participants will make a divination pouch and learn the methods to find and gather the things that will go inside to use for divining. You will also learn about several forms of divination in this course and also ways to explore the methods for best practices and healthy divination.
This course will start March 30th at 7pm and will continue every Tuesday evening for six weeks. This course will be offered on Zoom because of the currentCovid-19 restrictions for in person gatherings. The class size is limited to 6 persons. Pre-registration is required.
You will create your pouch from leather, fabric and other embellishments. All materials to make your pouch will be shipped ahead of time.
To reserve your spot and register for this course please use the link below. Once you have registered you will recieve information and instructions as to the choices you have for leather, fabrics and other things.