Ministry and Ceremony

Heart Stone 2020

Dr. Adhi is an Interfaith Minister and is licensed to do weddings and other ceremonial work in the United States. She has a wide spectrum of experience in ceremonial design, the sensitivity to navigate different faiths, spiritual traditions and in creating the right energy flow for celebrations and transitions.

Ceremonies are the moments in time we stop to acknowledge the fruits of our experience. This can be with the person we choose as a life partner, the birth of a baby, the earthly transition of a loved one. They can also be a threshold time to mark the initiations from one phase of life to another.

Adhi’s Sacred Drum

Ceremony is where we as ask community to come and witness, hold and celebrate. These can be empowering personal and community experiences. Ceremony asks us to be the container and the bridge for spirit and the Divine to meet with us and offer us grace and insight.

Dr. Adhi will work with you to design and execute the perfect ceremony for your special day. She will offer guidance on everything from helping you write your vows setting up the sacred space, finding the right songs, etc…

She offers counseling to couples and families as part of supporting the root of the ceremony. She can provide a safe space to work out any anxieties, grief, issues, etc… that often come with big life choices.

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