Prayer Beads, Rosaries and Malas

Dates: February 28thMarch 28th • April 25th

7pm to 9pm EST

In this one day workshop participants will learn how to make a set of prayer beads in a style that fits their practice. Prayer beads are found in different configurations all over the world. They are called rosaries, tashbis, malas, etc… They are the tool to count prayers,mantras, and recitations. The earliest known writings on these comes from the Hindu traditions. This form of prayers beads is called a Mala or a Japa Mala. In this workshop you will learn the traditional types and the contemporary uses.

The materials, size and the finger one chooses to move the beads over while counting all have significance in each tradition. In this workshop you will have the option of making a set from bone (clarity/discernment) or wood (rootedness/centering)

In this afternoon workshop will give a overview about how to use a set of prayer from various traditions and you will create a set of prayer beads from beads that will be sent in your workshop kit. You may also add you own beads to personalize you set.

We will end the work shop with a ceremony to infuse our prayers beads with intention.

When you register you will have one of 2 options for bead choices: bone or wood with string and other accent beads. This will also be hand outs available for the class.

Use the link below to register. You will receive a welcome email , Zoom link and your workshop materials after registering.

Payer bead choices