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~♡~ Adhi offers  really down to earth approaches to guide clients to wellness. ~♡~ 





 ☆☆ NEW ☆☆  Dr.Adhi is offering a a Rooted Therapies  Pharmacopeia dispenser you can sign up for directly ordering your herbs at a discount.


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~♡ ~ Let’s  make 2021 the year we reset the goals, intentions  and visions we want for a future we all can feel a part of  ~♡~ 


The world is changing and many people are dealing with the stress and the anxiety of uncertainty. This is causing disruptions in daily routines, employment, increasing mental and physical health issues. 

There is always help within reach. Rooted Therapies offers the guidance and support for processing the changes, grief, uncertainty of these times.

Dr. Adhi has almost 30 years of practice and training in traditional shamanism. She has a doctorate in Philosophy and Theraputic Counseling for her research in the affectivness of indigenous healing methods and medicine practices. She has a grounded and practical approach to helping you find your way through challenging  issues and times.  Her goals are to get you back on track to wellness and health.


Dr. Adhi will work with you to:

• Find the rooted causes that are  challenging you

• Offer  rooted strategies  for change 

Build rooted life choices that lead to a fulfilling foundation  for living



Dr. Adhi is insightful, grounded, ethical and generous with her knowledge and time. She creates a safe environment for exploring deep issues and finding solutions.

She offers her sessions through Zoom at the moment to maintain safe Covid-19 protocols and she will open her office again once it is safe to do so.


Dr. Adhi specializes  in:


• Stress & Anxiety
Grief and Loss
• Relationships
• Family issues
• Life changes
• Dream work
• Life path/purpose


~♡~ All sessions are by appointment. To schedule an appointment call/text : 267.884.4252 ~♡~




Dr. Adhi does not take insurance. She does offer flexibile payment plans and discounts  for new clients. Contact her to explore the best possible service  for your needs.


Phone: 267.884.4252

                            Email: Click here to send an email to schedule and appointment



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If you are in a health crisis please go to the emergency room or call your medical doctor.