Transform Your Life, Dreams, Mind & Body

Transformational healing Sessions with Dr. Adhi Two Owls

In 2013 I received my Doctorate in Philosophy & Therapeutic  Counseling for my research in how traditional Indigenous methods positively effect mental and physical wellbeing.

My healing sessions are a mix of traditional and contemporary  alternative modalities. I have 25 years in training as a traditional Shaman and work with in the guidelines of those teachings. The types of healing I offer come from North American, South American, Mongolian and European roots.  I have completed several initiations in these traditions and continue to practice and study these forms of healing. I am a Reiki Master in both the traditional Usui and Essential Reiki schools, and I received head and heart attunements from one of the American Grand Masters from Japan.  I work with the dowsing technique called Scientific Radiesthesia. This technique was rediscovered in France during the 1930s and is based on the study of the Egyptian Art and Architecture.  I use this  for diagnostics on people places and things.

Other forms of healing  include Medical Dowsing, Soul integration, Karmic Release, Traditional Divination, Muscle Testing,  and Dream Interpretation. 

I also offer spiritual counseling, grief support and help individuals to create and design life ceremonies that are meaningful.


Traditional Shamanic Healing

Dr. Adhi has traditional training in Shamanic healing practices that are founded in the Americas, Mongolia, and Europe. She uses plant spirit medicine, cord cutting, soul retrieval, removing attachments and thought forms, divination… and other practices as a well round healing experience.  Dr. adhi will use drums, rattles , singing bowls, tuning forks, bells and other sounds to enhance your healing experience. Sessions  are usually and hour long. Some times this work can have empowering/powerful affects so plan your day accordingly so you can fully experience the work during the session.

Shamanic Healing Option Plans

Energy Balancing, Radiesthesia and Reiki

Energy Balancing can be done in several ways. Some techniques involve balancing the Chakras, Opening blocked meridian energy pathways in the body, releasing emotional scaring the cells, fascia and tissues of the body, balancing the mind/thoughts, and adjusting the energy bodies. Some of the tools employed for this are pendulums, tuning forks, bells, triggering release points and stone medicine and plant medicines.

Radiesthesia is a form of dowsing that helps to diagnosis and balance the body using specifically designed pendulums and forms. 


Reiki is a Japanese traditional healing method that helps to reduce stress and induce relaxation.  From the website Reiki.org : “Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.”

Sessions are in 30 minute or 1 hour time.

Energy Balancing Payment Options



Phone and Video Call Sessions-

Are for remote and long distance healing. Dr. Adhi will use Divination, Sound healing and other Shamanic techniques to help you with your wellness needs.

Inquire for pricing on these sessions.


Geomancy – Fixing Toxic Spaces

Sick buildings and land can make for sick people and pets. Geomancy is an ancient form of land and space clearing the has its roots in early European traditions. Today it is used to help people live better in our progressive  use of technologies.  Cell towers, Wifi,  and other kinds of technologies are part of a new set of autoimmune responses that have symptoms such as head aches, chronic fatigue, depression, inflammation, lethargy, sleep disorders etc… Through the process of Geomancy and fixing land and buildings these symptoms can be alleviated.

Clearing and balancing can be done onsite and remotely.

Geomancy can be used for:

Real Estate sales/buying

Farm and Agriculture

Residential and Commercial Spaces

Clearing toxic energies from homes and land  can include: Geopathic stress, EMF smog, WiFi,/Cell towers, Underground water, poor house placement, Smart meters,  past traumas such as wars, burial grounds, accidents and other energy imbalances.

Dr. Adhi offers remote, on site and year subscriptions to monthly space clearing which is a great way to  maintain long term  land and building health.

Geomancy Payment Options




If you are in a health crisis please go to the emergency room or call your medical doctor.  My work is not a replacement for proper medical care or for the dispensing of medications.  My work is designed to support wellness. Your wellness is your responsibility and you should seek out all possible credible resources to bring about the greatest results.