Rooted Therapies

Adhi offers  really down to earth approaches to guide clients to wellness. 





The world is changing and many people are dealing with the stress and the anxiety of uncertainty. This is causing disruptions in daily routines, employment, increasing mental and physical health issues.  Isolation, career changes, loss and  struggling through relationship dynamics can be challenging when everything else in the world seem so uncertain. 

There is always help within reach. Rooted Therapies offers the guidance and support for processing the changes, grief, uncertainty of these times.

Dr. Adhi has almost 30 years of practice and training in traditional shamanism.  In 2013 she recieved her doctorate in Philosophy and Theraputic Counseling for her research in the affectivness of indigenous healing methods and medicine practices on mental and physical health. She has a grounded and practical approach to helping you find your way through challenging  issues and times.  Her goals as a healer is to get you back on track to wellness and health.


Dr. Adhi will work with you to:

Find the rooted causes that are  challenging you

 Offer strategies  for change that  help to build emotional and behavioral strengths

 Build and create  life choices that lead to a fulfilling foundation  for living your best self


Dr. Adhi is insightful, grounded, ethical and generous with her knowledge and time. She creates a safe environment for exploring deep issues and finding solutions. Her knowledge of various earth based traditions can offer avenues to process that are supportive of traditional theraputic medtods.

She offers her sessions through Zoom and in person by appointent only.


Dr. Adhi specializes  in:

 Stress & Anxiety
Grief and Loss
Family issues
 Life changes
 Dream work 

Life path/purpose


 To best serve my clients . All sessions are by appointment ~ My base fee is $150.00 per hour  and $95 per half hour. Call or email me to discuss payment options that will work for you.  Contact information is found below. 

All fees must be prepaid or at the time of service.  I accept Paypal, Venmo, Cash,  and major credit cards.

Dr. Adhi does not take insurance. She does offer flexibile payment plans and discounts  for new clients. Contact her to explore the best possible service  for your needs.


Phone: 267.884.4252

                            Email: Click here to send an email to schedule and appointment





If you are in a health crisis please go to the emergency room or call your medical doctor.  Taking care of your health is the doorway to living a full and vibrant life. 



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  • Client Testimonials

    Adhi is very approachable and down to earth. I highly recommend joining one of many workshops that she has to offer. You will meet new friends and perhaps see old ones as well.

    Arlene Hampton-Harding, Owner
    AHH Intuitive Therapies

  • Client Testimonials

    I highly recommend Adhi's skills and adept talents as an artisan, and shamanic practitioner and educator. She is one of few I know who truly understand the right awareness, attitude and methodology of entering sacred space, working with the energies and allies with integrity, and in a coherent manner, and ensuring the well being of her clients.

    Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
    The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

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