Transform Your Life, Dreams, Mind & Body


Transformational healing Sessions with Dr. Adhi Two Owls

In 2013 I received my Doctorate in Philosophy & Therapeutic  Counseling for my research in how traditional Indigenous methods positively effect mental and physical wellbeing.

My healing sessions are a mix of traditional and contemporary healing explorations. Designed to navigate wellness on may levels. I have 25 years in training as a traditional Shaman and work within the guidelines of those teachings. The types of healing I offer come from North American, South American, Mongolian and European roots.  I have completed several initiations in these traditions and continue to practice and study these forms of healing. I am a Reiki Master in both the traditional Usui and Essential Reiki schools, and I received head and heart attunements from one of the American Grand Masters from Japan.  I work with the dowsing technique called Scientific Radiesthesia. This technique was rediscovered in France during the 1930s and is based on the study of the Egyptian Art and Architecture.  I use this  for diagnostics on people places and things.

Other forms of healing  include Medical Dowsing, Soul integration, Karmic Release, Traditional Divination, Muscle Testing,  and Dream Interpretation. 

Dr. Adhi  offers Spiritual counseling, Grief support, Spiritual Life coaching, Medical Radiesethesia, Land/home clearing, Energy balancing, and she help individuals to create  life ceremonies that are meaningful.


Other services:

Water well dowsing

Group Healing Ceremonies

Earth wellness Teaching and Ceremonies

Engaged Shamanic Healing


Shaman's rattle



If you are in a health crisis please go to the emergency room or call your medical doctor.  My work is not a replacement medical care or for the dispensing of medications.  My work is designed to support wellness and you should seek out all possible credible resources to bring about the greatest results.