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Transformational Healing Sessions with Adhi Two Owls

The way to wellness takes many forms.   The methodology of healing a Shaman offers is moving the individual or group towards a path of integration through dreaming, self awareness, ceremony, learning, creating the space for grief, divination, art, sound healing, working with ancestral lines, herbalism, and other techniques for reestablishing wholistic ecologies for people, places and things. 

Adhi offers  a really down to earth approached to facilitating wellness. She creates a safe environment for clients to explore their journey to wholeness. She uses traditional  shamanic practices that utilize the playing of drums and rattles,  the designing ceremonies, encouraging the use of art and writing as a means to discover deeper issues, and she works to help her clients find new ways to bring meaning to their lives.

Adhi has almost 30 years of training and experience in her art and shamanic work. She is always seeking ways to improve on how to help people navigate the complexities in their lives.

In 2013 she received her doctorate in Therapeutic Counseling and Philosophy for her research into how traditional indigenous healing methods support mental, emotional and physical wellness. 

Adhi  offers Spiritual counseling, Grief support, Addiction support, life transition support and helps individuals to create  life ceremonies that are meaningful. 



Her fees are a sliding scale: $85 to $150 and hour.

She accepts payments in Cash, Credit Card and  PayPal. 

Office hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm by appointment only

Sessions are done with Zoom and in person when possible.


Phone: 267.884.4252

                            Email: Click here to send an email to schedule and appointment



Shaman's rattle



If you are in a health crisis please go to the emergency room or call your medical doctor.  My work is not a replacement medical care or for the dispensing of medications.  My work is designed to support wellness and you should seek out all possible credible resources to bring about the greatest results.