Rune Making Course

Starting April 8th and meeting every Tuesday evening at 7pm EST for 6 weeks on Zoom. Participants will learn how to make a set of Runes from sacred Yew wood, a leather pouch to put them in and design a divination cloth to cast them on.

Runes can be used for divination, meditation, discover your inner landscape and archetypal patterns. They have a rich history of use for communicating with the Divine.

Runic letters are from the early western European language traditions. They are found all over Europe and they have deep roots in the Norse mythologies of Odin.

Each week of this course we will create sacred space and work to prepare the wood, burn the runic letters, sew a bag to put them in and a cloth to cast them on to.

Along the way I will share insights about sacred wood, the divination process as well as offer resources for practice and further study.

Tuition for the Course is $250 which includes all your materials to make the runes, supporting materials, shipping and the cost of the class.

Class is limited in size to 6 people. Registration is required. Materials will be send out in late November.

You can register by sending a payment to PayPal email:

or Venmo:


Once registered you will have a choice of available woods for the couse, the Zoom information and a tool list you need to make your Runes.

Moose Leather Pouch