Sacred Herbal Offerings and Smudges

Offerings and Smudge are used in mant different ways to express graditude, ask for guidance, set intention, and support alchemical workings of a tradition or practice. Thse offerings are made from a variety of natural materials, plants, roots, saps, resins, seeds, bark and more. The combinations are directed to infuse a situation or enviornment with aromatic smoke and the material’s chemical profile. Many different spiritual traditions have in their lineages the use of certain plants for specific purposes. There are many good books and herbalists out their if you wish to deep dive into this science.


Dr. Adhi develops blends for the modern Shaman and healer. Her approach is defined by the relationship she has with the local plants in their ecology. Dr. Adhi only create small batches in season based on the health and vibrancey of the local flora. These combitations can change with each year offering an authenicity that is about listening to the earth and what is being offered for use by the plants and other materials. Dr. Adhi also ethically harvests in away that insures the health of the location. Her 30 years of research and practice have given her insights as to what the plants want to be harvested and how to bring them together in a synergistic way to produce the best possible herbal smudges and offerings.


Below you find her most resent plant offerings and links to where you can purchase them. Dr. Adhi will also work with you to create custom bleand suited to your particular situation, cerimony or practice. You can contact her here for more information:

***Balm of Gilead Oil-

This is a half ounce Balm of Gilead oil in a rollerball application bottle.

Balm of Gilead is associated with a lot of folklore in the Northeast and in the western part of the United States. Balm of Gilead comes from the cottonwood tree and several of its subspecies. The buds are gathered in February when they’re impregnated with an orange thick sap which is distill into olive oil or any other carrier oil to is used.

Balm of Gilead is used for inflammation in the joints, muscles and bruising. It’s metaphysical properties are associated with removal of unwanted psychic energies.

The rollerball bottle makes it easy to apply to the surface of the skin in areas affected by pain and inflammation. Not to be taken internally.

***Rose Petal Powder –

This listing is for one jar of of ground rose buds for ceremonies and offering. These buds were gathered last fall and dried. No other additives or essential oils. Just air dried and ground. It take a lot of fresh rose petals to make a few ounces of powder.

Some suggestions….

•Love offerings
•Healing – mix into a paste with water or oil for a skin serum.
•Offering to the Holy Mary
•Fire – to offer as a graditude for love, self love and the planetary love
•Water – to make rose water as a blessing or libation in ceremony.

A jar contains approximately 2oz of powder. The jars are glass so they can be recycled.

***Elemental Smudge and Offering –

This is a 2 oz jar of ground herbs gathered in small batches mindfully and with the intention of creating direct connection to earth water and fire elementals. The air element is our intention and our prayers that we offer when we are using this incense.

This blend is a mixture of herbs from across the United States mostly the Northeast where I’m living but I did bring back some herbs from California that I harvested when I was out there this year.

There are no binders fillers or artificial ingredients in this incense/smudge you do not need charcoal or any special mechanism to light and or work with it.

Take a small pinch from the jar and either roll it out into a stick or pinch it into a cone and light. Enjoy working your magic with it.

I suggest lighting it in a shell, clay bowl or on a stone and of course watch out that it’s in an area that’s safe for fires and sparks, etc…

All my herbal blends are done in small batches so whatever is available is all that will be available at the time. Until I gather these herbs again. This could be yearly but even then there’s always variables of season, climate and the inherent wisdom of the plants itself

****Protection Smudge and Offering –

This is a very aromatic and beautifully scented purification incense made with locally grown and harvested herbs in New Hampshire. This blend contains Silver Artemisia, Mugwort, Oregano flowers and Lavender…. Plus a little magic from the shaman.

It is finey blended so you can roll it into coils and pinch it into cones. The tighter you roll it the slower it will burn. It easily lights. Can be used for smudging, ceremony, purification and healing work. You can also use it as a base scent and add other resinous herbs to it as a replacement for charcoal.

These are harvested and processed in small batches to maintain an ethical relationship to the plants and the environment What is posted is all I have and most likely will not be restocked until harvesting is done over the next season cycle.

If you would like to purchase any of these blends you can click on this link and go to my AdhiZen Studio Shop:


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    I left Assateague with more clarity and less fears, rigidities, and resistances, making room in my life for much more magic. Deep in my being, I know that life will always provide what is needed. By trusting with an open heart, life is becoming a dance of synchronicities and truly magical....

    Lokita Dyhani

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    I have been remiss in not saying something sooner, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the rattle you made for me. Every part of interacting with it, from unwrapping the packaging, to using it, to simply holding it and inhaling its scent and energy deeply has been electrifyingly affirming.

    S B

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