September 18th – 20th 20015 Last Moon Pouch making workshop











Women move through many cycles in their lives. When we are born we carry in us the seeds to create new life. Some will birth and raise beings here and others will channel the energies in different forms of creativity. In the end all females on the planet reach a time when they bleed their last. This last blood starts a new direction in spiritual and cyclical lives of women as they approach threshold of Crone. This retreat is to honor and celebrate this last moon.

We are in a time where we must explore the creation of traditions that support and honor who we are in this time. We are the Mothers, Daughters, Crones and Creators….

Over the course of the weekend we will journey, journal, dream, sew, celebrate, gather cattail, milk weed fluff, herbs… we will make offerings, tell stories… drum… We will create a sacred pouch to hold our last blood…. the last moon in.

If you have already finished your last moon you can also create a sacred pouch to symbolically hold your last moon… or you can plan for the future and create a pouch to carry a long your journey for the last moon.

The pouch will document the journey…. weaving into it the gifts from your life. It will become the talisman for the next path in the magical journey.

moom pouch 001

This weekend workshop will be held in Rhinebeck, New York at a farm house not far from the Omega Institute. Lunch will  be served on Saturday and Sunday and is included in the tuition cost. Rhinebeck has many local hotels  and Air BnB options for places to stay near by.Directions and other information will be sent after payment for the workshop has been made.

All materials will be provided.