September Sacred Elements Weekend 2014

I would like to welcome you to the Women’s Sacred Fire Retreat in Quebec Canada happening September 3rd through the 7th 2014. It is being facilitated by Adhi and an invited co-facilitator. This retreat is hosted on Eva’s land in Knowlton Quebec.

There is a private Facebook group page for this event. The page will be updated with details for work day(exchanges) and other important information if you want to join that group and participate in the discussion search FaceBook for “September Women’s Element Retreat”

This is a women only event where we will journey and create through the 4 Elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire to transform and transcend our individual intentions and healing.

This is a complete immersion gathering. We will create a dynamic and safe space to go deep and explore our connection to each Element through meditation and the creative process. We will then use the Element of Fire as the the focal point for transformation.

Women will be camping on the land in tents they bring and we will also have a few community tent spaces for women to use on a first come first serve basis. There will be composting toilets and solar showers. Women will need to bring all their own sleeping gear, toiletries, eating utensils, cup, plate/bowl, water bottle. As well as bugs stuff (there are mosquitoes), sturdy boots and weather appropriate clothing ( be prepared for any kind of weather)

We will build a community village with a kitchen where all will participate in meal preparation and clean-up and well as rotating through toilet duties and shower duties. These tasks serve to ground and support the energy of the weekend.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

You can arrive Wednesday September 3rd in the evening (after 4pm) to set up your camping space.

We will have an evening feast with everyone… do introductions and layout the format for the weekend. We will ask for women to sign up for weekend duties to help in the kitchen and other support.

Thursday September 4th

We begin in the morning with the Element of Air and creating intention art and prayer flags from found materials.
Thursday Afternoon into the evening will be focusing on the Element of water… We will work on grief bundle and offerings… etc….

Friday September 5th

We will start with the building of a mother earth mound and other Earth Elemental creations….
That afternoon into the evening begins creating the sacred space for the sacred fire… Depending on how things go… we might light it that night or at dawn on Saturday.

Saturday September 6th

We work the sacred fire and take turns holding the space for each other….
Lunch and dinner will have an open format.

Sunday September 7th:

We close the Sacred fire and finish our sacred work.

Some scheduling is subject to change.

The cost for the weekend which includes all your meals, camping space, water, and other materials is $275 USD

We can take payment(s) through PayPal and by check.

If you prefer sending a check, print out this form and mail it with your check made out to “Adhi Two Owls” to:

Women’s Sacred Elements Weekend
C/O Adhi Two Owls
338 Thompson Road
Shelburne, VT 05482

Once your registration is processed you will receive further information and directions.

If you are coming from the United Stats you will need to have a valid passport to cross into Canada.

Please complete the form below in order to reserve your space:

**After submitting the form, please use the Pay Now button below for completing your Transaction and Registration

Thank you! I look forward to sharing and experiencing the deepness of this retreat with you – Adhi.

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