The New Global Shaman and Adhizen Studio  Shop:

All products in the store are intended to improve your quality of life through enhancement of beneficial energies and mitigation of non-beneficial energies.  Adhi’s intention in the development and distribution of these energy products and services is to make each person who uses them more energetically comfortable in whatever situation they may find themselves. You can find more products and sacred art at Adhizen Studio Shop on Etsy


Energy Balancing Products:


EMF Clearing stickers

EMF 1 dark sticker



These come 10 to a package for $10.00 and can be place on all electronic devices such as Smartphones, GPS units, MP3 players, Laptops, Computers,  Tablet computers, E-book readers, Kindles, Televisions, Microwave ovens…etc…

These are designed to be self clearing and will work along as the sticker remains complete.


BioCharging Square:

light paintings 1



The Bio Charging Square is a material that can be used to slow down the loss of life force energy in any living  thing or system. You get three sheets of the material in and envelope for $20.00. this can be cut into smaller pieces and place in and on anything that will be enhance by the slowing down life force loss. It can be put in your refrigerator or freezer, on your kitchen counter,  on jewelery you wear…. in your shoes etc….

 8 x 10 Brain Medicine Card







This laminated card can be used to help focus the mind and develop healthy brain wave patterns.

Look at the card for 10 seconds to a minute as needed.