Mei Kei Elixir

Mei Kei Elixir

Mie Kei wave science is the study of particular waveforms that correct or modulate, through resonance waves created between two substances. These resonance waves create a third greater or lesser pulse wave(s) that entrains one or both substances.

The word Mei Kei comes from two root words: "Mei" to fix and "Kei" to set in motion or bring to order. The study of these waveforms has shown a vibrational synchronization of the Etheric body and the Physical body.

Adhi has developed a Mei Kei elixir that utilizes these principles. This Mei Kei Essence elixir holistically brings the fragmented energy codes of the etheric and physical back into a healthy resonance. The Mei Kei elixir works "trans-etherically", moving into the body via the etheric plane while remaining outside the body. All you have to do is wear it or carry it with you.

The emanations from the Mei Kei elixir will perpetuate over time giving it an extended functionality. In layman's terms, the bottle develops a field of balancing waves that expand over time, setting in motion cycles of healing and balancing. This fundamental energy comes from an infinite source contained in a vacuum. This is sometimes call Divine Energy, Infinite Light, Zero Point, God/Goddess Source, Prana, Qi, Chi, etc.

The Mei Kei elixir is made from 7 gem essences, sea salt and living water. Research over the past few years has shown very positive results with daily use.

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