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Client Testimonials

Adhi is very approachable and down to earth. I highly recommend joining one of many workshops that she has to offer. You will meet new friends and perhaps see old ones as well.

Arlene Hampton-Harding, Owner
AHH Intuitive Therapies


Advanced Energy Sciences Products

All products in the store are intended to improve your quality of life through enhancement of beneficial energies and mitigation of non-beneficial energies.  Adhi’s intention in the development and distribution of these energy products and services is to make each person who uses them more energetically comfortable in whatever situation they may find themselves.

Product Categories:

Bio Charging Sticker

This bio charging sticker is designed to enhance and improve the quality of life force in a material. Life force can be defined as any consciously aware entity in this known universe. The design works by emitting the healthy spectra of the electromagnetic spectrum. This material, through testing, was shown to modulate and enhance life force in such objects as fruits, vegetables, water, seeds, etc. It’s use can be applied to any other organic or biological material.

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