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Client Testimonials

Adhi has a wealth of information that she shares with clarity and humor. As a scientist and teacher she offers cutting edge information that can be applied to one's life.

Mosa Baczewska, Facilitator
Sounding on Purpose Vocal Workshop


Advanced Energy Sciences Products

All products in the store are intended to improve your quality of life through enhancement of beneficial energies and mitigation of non-beneficial energies.  Adhi’s intention in the development and distribution of these energy products and services is to make each person who uses them more energetically comfortable in whatever situation they may find themselves.

Product Categories:


Shamanic Healing Session

Adhi’s healing sessions are a mix of traditional and contemporary modalities. What is most important to her as a healer is to bring you to a place of balance, wholeness, clarity, and serenity as efficiently and effectively as possible.
SPECIAL SUMMER RATES $85.00 through September 21st 2013
Please see the Private Sessions page for detailed information, and to create a reservation for a date and time.

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Phone Support Session

SPECIAL SUMMER RATES!! $35.00 for a half hour-This special runs through September 21st 2013 Adhi offers phone support sessions for $50 per 30 minute increment. This service is a companion to her Shamanic Healing Sessions.

Please see the Private Sessions page for detailed information and booking times regarding Adhi’s services in this capacity.

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Assateague Spring 2015

April 9th through April 16th 2015–The cost for the week long intensive is $750.00, which includes camp space and food.  The National Seashore provides RUSTIC camping facilities, meaning cold showers and porta-potties only.  You will need to bring all your own camping gear and be prepared for any kind of weather.  Once you are registered you will receive a full list of materials and a recommended packing list of helpful items to have while on the island.  A refund can be given if Adhi is notified before (date March 15th, 2015) minus a deposit of $150.00 USD.  After March 15th, no refund can be given unless you find someone to take your place.

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