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feathers 0001Adhi is an experienced maker of sacred objects and has been creating rattles, drummer accessories and feather fans among other work for the past 20 years. All the images in the galleries are examples of her work and serve as inspiration for future sacred objects she is able to make for you. All of Adhi’s creations are made from the finest materials available. She also works to ensure that the materials she uses are not harming the earth or contributing to the endangerment of any species. Adhi specializes in custom designs and often works very closely with her clients to create very powerful healing objects for their practice.


All custom work is billed at $80 dollars an hour plus materials.

You can also find Adhi’s work on Etsy at her Adhizen Studio Shop…


And she always brings her creations when she travels and teaches. Check her Events page or visit FaceBook to see where she is at.


Please browse through the galleries and contact Adhi if you are interested in discussing custom work.


Shaman's rattle












Restoration service for your sacred objects
Adhi also does high quality restoration on items that have been well used or damaged. She takes great care to make sure your pieces are restored to the best condition possible and returned in a timely fashion.

All restoration is billed at $65 per hour plus materials with a minimum down payment of 2 hours for consultation and restoration plan.



Adhi’s work has been sold all over the country, Canada and internationally.

Please contact Adhi to discuss how she may help you deepen your practice through the use of the most appropriate shamanic objects.