Adhizen Studio

The AdhiZen Studio has been (in one for or another) a working sacred arts and image studio for 30 plus years. Dr. Adhi has built her studio to design and create a space that supports the cultivation, creation, design and research of traditional and contemporary art for the use in personal and community healing and ceremony. Dr. Adhi has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to materials and how to bring and idea to fruition. Her studio work is balanced with her healing therapies and vision for a better world.

Dr. Adhi has always worked to insure a green and conscious way to create. She researches all materials to make sure her carbon foot print is small, that her work is not contributing to the endagerment of any spieces or the further tramatizing of the planet and people. She reuses, upcycles and supports local and native supliers and materials. If she can’t get a material ethically she won’t use it.

The AdhiZen Studio is located in :

Littleton New hampshire tucked up near the Francona notch along the Amomooosic river.

Dr. Adhi big vision is to have the AdhiZen Studio be a destination for learning and cultivating traditional and contemporary sacred arts. She offers classes, mentorships, open studio time, consultations and more.