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Biomatrix Emitters

Adhi’s handmade biomatrix emitters work with the disciplines she teaches in her Advanced Energy Sciences courses. They emit positive frequencies and are used for direct healing work or to transmute toxic energies and enhance life force in a person or space. To learn more about applications and techniques employed with these emitters, please attend one of her Advanced Energy Sciences courses.


“..The other reason for writing to you is to give you an account of my fathers
experience with the cylinders or rods that I purchased from you. My father
had just come home from eye surgery. He was on day 2 after the lasic
corrective surgery as well as cataract removal- I think. He was sitting in
his recliner and he held one cylinder in each hand. He was there for maybe
20 minutes and he looked like he had dosed off to sleep. I had to get going
so i went over and gently tied to ease them out of his hands. He opened his
eyes wide and gasped loudly for air, and said whoa! He said those things are
weird. He didn’t say much until he had come to me in the other room when he
started to describe his experience sitting with the rods. He said he sat
down and started to feel the energy go up his arm then it began on the other
arm. he closed his eyes and felt the energy traveling up both arms then down
and up to his legs and up the back of his head around front to his eyes
where the energy came down in front of his eyes and up again in his eyes
appearing as a blue light that he says he will never be able to accurately
describe. it was a brilliant blue and it would come up before his eyes and
then down again almost with each breath. he felt that it was healing for his
eyes. Again and again the energy would come up over the front of his eyes
and then rise up blue. he then started to see orange and feel it in his legs
but then I took the rods from him and he was back. I have since purchased
for him his own pair or rods and he says he sits with them often and enjoys
them… ” Rachel Gordon