Terra Mater Sphere Designs

The future we want starts now…. It’s time to come together to make it real. Building & Designing for today because we want a future tomorrow.

We are now living in a world that requires an awareness to how we resource materials, design for a healthy relationship to our environment and resolve the waste from agriculture, technologies, industry and our living ecologies.

How we design buildings, communities, manufacturing, technologies, economies, etc… and the governing of these platforms and systems are the new design sciences for twenty first century.

The observations of natural systems and learning how these complex relationships evolve can offer the opportunities to rethink and rebuild rual and urban areas.

Terra Mater Sphere Designs is a think tank and design studio that is taking on the challenges of how to redesign interior and exterior home living landscaping ecologies and systems. Looking at ways to incorporate living ecosystems like forests, interior gardens, and edible/foraging gardens into new architecture and existing structures. The use of these interior landscapes and exterior environments are to improve healthy and harmonious living across all economic levels.

These designs and principles will also extend out into developing larger living communities that focus on resources, people, technologies, the environment, water/waste management, energy, etc…. How we develop these concepts will direct the environment and the economy towards a successful and sustainable resolution.

Terra Mater Sphere Designs is willing to look at any building sites and land development to offer strategies, options and explore opportunities to build a future for each other and the planet that is greener, healthier, sustainable and adaptable for the future.

Consultations are by appointment through Zoom until the Covid-19 situation is resolved.

Mobile: 267.884.4252.

Email: adhizen@gmail.com