Client Testimonials

Many people from all walks of life have worked with Adhi over the years.  Below is a selection of testimonials from her clients:

I have been remiss in not saying something sooner, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the rattle you made for me. Every part of interacting with it, from unwrapping the packaging, to using it, to simply holding it and inhaling its scent and energy deeply has been electrifyingly affirming. It exudes a graceful buzzing power, I love it more than I could ever say, its algorithms of energy gently realign my energy field and those around me. Using it is like a hug from the Mother Ocean, raining sensation of comfort beyond words, shaking loose without pain, being powerful without violence. I am enamored in every possible way with this piece and I hope long after I am forgotten by those that share my DNA, this rattle remains amongst my tribe of kin whispering the way to wholeness and holding all who have been held by its vibrations. Thank you for the gift of sharing your creations, I am grateful, I am full. Ashe. Happy New Year.


I highly recommend Adhi's skills and adept talents as an artisan, and shamanic practitioner and educator. She is one of few I know who truly understand the right awareness, attitude and methodology of entering sacred space, working with the energies and allies with integrity, and in a coherent manner, and ensuring the well being of her clients. Her sacred objects are created with clear and discernible intent. We highly enjoy their use and selling them at our studios and through our web sites. She is a dear and accomplished facilitator.

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director
The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

Adhi has a wealth of information that she shares with clarity and humor. As a scientist and teacher she offers cutting edge information that can be applied to one's life. As an artist she creates products that are aesthetically pleasing in their usefulness. I highly recommend her!

Mosa Baczewska, Facilitator
Sounding on Purpose Vocal Workshop

Adhi has been teaching workshops in shamanism and dowsing on a regular basis for several years at my business, Radiance, in downtown Lancaster PA. She has a broad and deep knowledge in her fields and is an excellent teacher. Always fully present with her students, she leads them skillfully and safely through spiritual explorations and sacred art-making. Adhi has a sophisticated sense of humor which her students appreciate. In my retail shop I also handle many of Adhi's handmade sacred items as well as her energy-balancing tools. Everything she makes is beautiful, and her attention to detail makes each item an exquisite piece of sacred art.

Sarah Preston, Owner

Adhi is an amazingly organized and well informed visionary healer. Her level of knowledge coupled with her humility makes for a very powerful session with her. She is constantly thriving for greater awareness and understandings of her her practice, and as such is readily willing to share her findings. If you should choose to work with and learn from Adhi, you will find integrity, a genuine nature, and a true heart to be the guiding forces in her life.

Melinda Inn, Founder
The Inn Method for Clearing Unconscious Obstructions

Adhi is very approachable and down to earth. I highly recommend joining one of many workshops that she has to offer. You will meet new friends and perhaps see old ones as well. Adhi is a designer of beautiful handcrafted leather works such as sacred medicine bags, decorative leather/bell ornaments for your special African Drum, and waist straps for your drum. I have attended several of Adhi's workshops such as "Making a Sacred Rattle", "Journeying and Healing with the Sacred Rattle" and "Making of a Sacred Pouch" just to name a few. Adhi is a modern Shaman who combines her knowledge of ancient teachings with the modern world, and teaches us how to apply this knowledge in the world today.

Arlene Hampton-Harding, Owner
AHH Intuitive Therapies

I love Adhi! She has great energy, and is very knowledgeable. Her heart is always in the right place and present with whatever she does. I purchase her EMF products. She has the best prices!! I would recommend her highly in whatever avenue you decide to have her serve you. You will not be disappointed!!

Brenda Bailey, Client

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