The Water Story : A cosmological journey from the stars to earth.

This is the story of a small atomic structure’s journey from the stars. Where in the crucible of heat, hydrogen and the loosening of electrons a magical molecule was birthed. So significant was this molecule appearance it would change worlds and be the matrix of life on this planet.

Join me in this story of water. Where it came from, how it formed, and why we are in need of becoming the protectors of this precious life giving element.

50% of all the monies raised from this project will be used to support programs and work done to protect the waters of the earth.

If we don’t get right with water we are in danger of extinction. Without water nothing lives here on this planet as we know it.

Almost all societies have a comosmology about how the waters birth the world. The ocean is often seen as the great mother and the source of all life. The oceans of the world are fragile despite their vastness and apparent volume of water. The temperature, salinity, oxygenation, and diversity of life forms are in constant adjustment to keep this world thriving.

Human activity has strained these relationships. The introduction of pollutants, plastics, agriculture runoff, overfishing, oil drilling, etc… have contributed to distress, die off and what could be the evolutionary end to most life on earth.

The Story of Water is an educational project to inspire people to understand how water is the matrix that made us who we are and it is the fragile connection we have for evolving and being here on this planet.

Through video, storytelling, cosmology, song, movement, interviews and digital media this story must be told and we must take action to proctect the waters and the future of all that lives on this earth.