Working With Fire: An Elemental Journey

The Element of fire is making a loud voice these days as the planet shifts. Fire is the transformer element. It is expansive and consuming. It’s Elemental qualities are part of the relationship we have with the planet. Fire is speaking to us loudly.

This year long course is designed to teach individuals to learn the language of fire and how to use it to bring balance back to the Earth. Fire is a teacher. A sourse of heat. A source of light. A source of wonder. Fire is the Element that is always expanding and pushing out to the edges of it’s potential. Fire can loosen molecules, set in motion changre bring about tranformation with skill and when necessary completion. Fire can be tempered. Fire can be directed, Fire can escape its binding and burn wildly. Fire will burn as long as it is fed. Fire is the metabolic process of creating life…… Fire creates time…. Fire creates and destroys all things.

Join Dr. Adhi for a year long journey into the element of Fire.

Over the course of a year you will learn how to build all manner of fire for cooking, ceremomy, offerings, portal opening, cleansing/purification and more. Each participant will create a fire bundle/bag that holds all their fire starting materials. Adhi will also teach participants many medthods for buidling and starting fires in all condition and enviornments.

Dr. Adhi draws from her wealth of teachings and teachers who have guided and mentored her through this process over many years. Dr. Adhi’s approach will be from the place of Interfaith and Unity. Bringing many traditions together to weave a cohesive foundation that can be applied and adapted to all manner of fire work.

The course is designed to start any time of the year. Once you have paid your tution you will be notified and given further instructions for your fire journey.

We will meet at my Studio in Little New Hampshire and other schedule places as the year unfolds. All materials will be provide to make your fire bundle/bag. We will also be gathering plant materials and such from hikes as we learn to work with the earth in relation to fire.

The Tuition for this course is $1200.00 USD for the year. It includes all the teachings, materials, food and resources/handouts…etc…. You are responsable for your travel and other accomodations to particapate.

You can contact me for payment options at this email: